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You can Make Hanging Vase

1) One of our New Year’s resolutions for was to discover approaches to consolidate more plants in our home. We cherish the feeling of peace and reason our plants convey to our home and we essentially needed to expand our jungalow.

2) I ran over Artisan Wall Mount hanging vases while perusing the Pottery Barn site and truly preferred the idea (just not the cost $69-$119).

3) We can never oppose the dollar area at Michaels and *somehow* wound up with 4 delightful glass test tubes for $1.50 a piece. In the event that you have tubes around in your home (think flavor tubes) that you aren’t utilizing, this could be the ideal approach to upcycle them)

A couple visits to the carport later and we had the ideal plan for a hanging vase we had envisioned in our psyche. The completed item includes 4 hanging glass tubes that, while surely littler than the Pottery Barn Wall-Mount Vase, are significantly more efficient ($15 contrasted with $69) and similarly as astonishing outwardly. In case you’re searching for a financial plan cordial approach to join more foliage without cramping your space with pots, this is the ideal answer for you!


Glass Tubes

Scrap Wood

Copper Tube Straps


Hanging Kit or Command Hanging Solution




Note: We didn’t list the measurements of the tubes or the tube straps since that will depend altogether on what you find and choose to utilize. On the off chance that you have your tubes simply take them to Home Depot and you will have the capacity to discover the straps that fit them effectively. Additionally, you are not restricted to scrap wood for the base; we simply needed to utilize what we have. In case you’re searching for something less rural, Michaels has a ton of decent wood pieces that could work. With everything taken into account, on the off chance that you play your cards right, this DIY is exceptionally cheap thus simple to assemble.


1. When you have your pieces, all you will should simply bore two gaps (comparing to the openings in the tube straps) into your base. Ensure that your base is sufficiently thick to withstand the length of the screws.

2. In the event that you are hanging these on your divider the old form path, simply ahead and nail your holder to the back of the base.

3. Once entire, bore the tube straps most of the way into the base so that the straps are sufficiently free to conform.

4. Slip your tube through the tube strap until it is situated the way you like (we adjusted our tubes so that the tube strap was the midway check). When you are content with the situating of the tube, fix the screws until the tube is secure (do this delicately in order to not split the tube).

5. Mount your finished vase to the divider and design with genuine or counterfeit blossoms, grasses, or air plants.