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How to Become a Curling Iron Expert

Nearly every woman has tried a curling iron at some point and were disappointed with the result. The frustration begins when people realize that curling irons and wands are not as easy to use as they expect. Using a curling iron correctly takes time and practice. Of course, it also helps to have a few tips.

  • Smaller barrels only make tighter curls and do not control the type of curl. This is done by twisting the strand of hair before wrapping it around the barrel. A flat wrap produces a spiral curl and a twisted wrap creates a curl known as the “Little Mermaid”.
  • Adding tight curls underneath looser ones will make the hair look thicker and more voluminous.
  • Alternating the direction of the curls creates a natural and free-spirited look.
  • Avoid wrapping the bottom couple inches of the hair. This is the part that is the most prone to drying out. Wrapping the ends exposes them to the greatest amount of heat for the longest period of time and it could lead to damage.
  • Do not neglect the root end of the hair. Curling as close to the root as possible adds volume and helps the curl to last longer.
  • Avoid brushing or styling the hair until each curl is cool. If done when the curl is warm it could brush the curl out and increase the potential for frizz. Clipping the curl as soon as it comes off the barrel will also improve its staying power.
  • Curling wands and irons with tapered barrels are designed to provide a tighter curl for the bottom end of the hair. Wrap the hair with the root at the base so that the ends are at the narrow tip. Hold the wand with the power cord up to make this process easier.
  • Curl small sections at a time so that the distribution of heat is even.
  • Spritzing a little hairspray on the hair before curling will help to lock in the curl. Remember to wipe the iron down after it cools to prevent buildup on the barrel.

Another important tip for perfect curls is using the right iron. A number of options are available and helps their readers to sort through them all to find the best. Visit the website for information about the latest styling tools.