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Why Skips are a Good Waste Management Solution

Daily activity will always result in the creation of solid waste. There are different types of solid waste you have to dispose of, and you need a waste management solution that works whether you are home or not. A residential skip bin hire might be the best option if you consider the following factors;

Ease of garbage disposal

Once you have dumped trash into the skip, the garbage collection company will do the rest. The waste will be collected on specific collection days and a clean empty skip left in this place.

To get a skip for hire is pretty easy, all you need to do is identify the skip you want, get a quote and a skip is delivered to your home.


A skip offers a very neat option for garbage disposal. There are no trash bags scattered around, and the smaller skips commonly used for residences can come with lids.

You also have the freedom of where to place the skip on your property and maintain a well arranged look.

Environment friendly

Since some of the garbage in a skip will be recycled, skips offer an environment-friendly way of rubbish disposal. Also, a skip is durable as opposed to trash bags which you can use a maximum number of times.


There are many types of skips for different types of waste so that you can easily dispose of particular types of waste. Also, skips come in various sizes; your requirements will determine the right skip for you.

When you need the skip collected on a specific day, you can make arrangements. So you do not need to cancel your weekend party because you don’t know how you will handle the extra waste. You can get a skip on Friday and have it taken away on Sunday.

Cost effective

The cost of a skip is not high, all you need to do is specify the right size and type of skip that you need to the skip bin hire company, and you can get a quote.

Getting a skip

A skip will be beneficial if you choose and use well. To fully enjoy the benefits of a skip here are some tips.

Know the right size

It is a fact that there are different sized skip bins. There are small bins with wheels that you can push, and there are large bins that are lifted by cranes.

To choose the right size, you need to know how many trash bags you fill in a week and estimate a skip that can take slightly more than that.

A key piece of information that you also want to find out is how often in a week the skip is collected. You can calculate the amount of rubbish generated in the number of days to the pickup and the skip hire company will help you choose the right size based on that calculation.

Choose the right type of bin

All skip bin companies specify the type of garbage that you are allowed to put in different kinds of skips. Make sure you read their guide on skip bin types and the waste they can hold.

Any time you put the wrong type of waste in a container, the disposal is harder for the bin hire company, and it will penalize you for that with a fine. Also be aware of the weight limitation of the skip and adhere to it.

Use the bin wisely

You probably don’t like lingering around the skip bin to pack the rubbish in a way that uses space well, so it is better if you dump the waste systematically. It is possible for the skip to hold twice as much waste if you use the space wisely.

One way to reduce the volume of your rubbish is to fold boxes. You can also consider getting a baler or a compactor if the amount of trash that you can compact is high.

Plan ahead

Whenever you have particular types of waste to dispose of consider hiring a special skip for instance if you are removing asbestos from your house.

Also when you are planning a thorough cleaning and declutter of your house, hire an extra skip in advance so that you can accomplish the cleaning without a hitch. If you fill the skip you have with more waste than it is meant for, you could incur a fine.

For more information, visit: The Skip Company.


Tips on Bringing Old Furniture Up to Date

Bringing furniture up to date without spending a lot of money is possible. Small changes can make a big impact. The couch is an expensive piece of furniture that often needs to be replaced because it is so frequently used. Here are some tips and advice from The Foam Factory to help anyone restore older furniture to its former glory.

If your seating is less than comfortable, replace the worn-out padding with new cushion filling to bring it back to the desired thickness. Not just for appearances, good support helps your back and makes couches more comfortable. Many seat covers have a zipper, discretely hidden by a piece of material, which makes replacing filler a breeze.

To update to a trendy style, find what trend fits you. This year, the color of emerald green has been a huge seller. Update new cushions to an emerald green and add some gold accents throughout the room to pair it with. Refinishing wood items and adding colors, textures and materials is the new trend. Restoration, and changing the look of older furniture, is very trendy at the moment.

Changing your sofa cushions can be one of the easiest and quickest ways to update. Check decorating magazines for ideas and inspiration. Save money by changing material or designs on seats, repaint old items with new trendy colors and change design patterns. Now a whole room is updated with the money saved from an unnecessary purchase. Pick a color and use that to contrast colors or go monotone with color. The most important thing about updating is finding what you love and what makes you happy. Bring the furniture you already have back to life, while making that house a home.